Sports Nutrition: Extracting Those Precious Seconds

That’s right, sports drink is not on my ‘critical’ list. Neither are supplements!

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An Introduction Into Nutrition Philosophy

As a Dietitian, I am a person, not a diet.

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Title IX Celebrates 45th Anniversary, Women’s Sports On The Rise

On June 23, 1972, Title IX was instituted into law, protecting people from discrimination based on sex in educational programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance.

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Move, Learn, & Discover as the World Celebrates Olympic Day

Every two years, we celebrate the best the world has to offer in sport at the Olympic Games, either summer of winter. But did you know that June 23 is Olympic Day, where your favorite athletes are encouraging you to get in the game and move, learn and discover?

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So You Want to Be a Volleyball Fan

So you want to be a volleyball fan? You love the staccato excitement and the rallies, but you’re not really…

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No Becky, Fried Chicken Is Not A Snack

Here we are again on the verge of yet another Girls Jr National Championships tournament. The biggest challenge for me and my crew is the “What do we get the girls to eat” dilemma.

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10 Ways To Be The Worst Volleyball Parent Ever

After spending countless hours in the gym for the majority of my life, there are a number of things that parents will do that can really get on everyone’s nerves.

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Spread Like Wildfire: Power Of Awareness & Education Of Mental Health

How can something that you can’t see, hear, or touch be life threatening? Welcome to the world of mental illness….

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A Thank You Letter To All Mothers

One day a year is not enough sometimes to show the gratification that our mothers or mother-figures deserve. On Mother’s Day, we need to show off that admiration with the largest sentiment we can.

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Taking Your Young Athlete to the Next Level of Performance

By Joanne M. Koury, M.Ed. CLIMB, SWING, JUMP, THROW, REACH AND HANG…ever watch young children play in a playground equipped…

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