NERVO Performs “Worlds Collide” at VNL in Ottawa

Today in Ottawa, the fans of the Volleyball Nations got a special performance from Australian DJ duo NERVO. NERVO launched…

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A Great Way to Keep Yourself Motivated

Being an athlete isn’t easy. It’s a difficult life, and having the motivation to push you through the hard times and painful moments when you feel like giving up is absolutely essential.

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Paris 2024 Aiming for “Zero” Carbon Emissions, Poverty & Unemployment

The Paris 2024 Organizing Committee is set to sign an agreement tomorrow (May 23rd, 2018) with the aim of achieving “triple zero” by eliminating carbon emissions, poverty, and unemployment in the French capital.

P1440 Teams Up with Jaden Smith, Just Water for Event Series Bottle

Kerri Walsh Jennings’ p1440 event series is taking its ties to the music industry one step further, and adding an environmental aspect, by joining forces with musician/actor Jaden Smith and his sustainable beverage company, JUST water, to create a special edition water bottle.

US Supreme Court Allows States to Legalize Sports Gambling

In a decision passed 6-3 on Monday, the US Supreme Court struck down the 1992 federal law titled the Professional…

“It Was The Best Choice I’ve Ever Made” – Murilo On Becoming A Libero

“When I became a libero, it was if my career in volleyball gained extra lives”

The 7 Most Annoying Things About Being A Middle Blocker

Courtesy of Grace Cope 1. The Energizer Bunny When it comes to defense drills against right and left side attacks,…

Smilen Mlyakov Balances His Time Between Volleyball And Owning A Gym

Mlyakov comments how some athletes must look for a financial plan B in order to safeguard themselves against the sport’s volatile market

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Zaytsev Talks About How Family And Love Has Changed His Life

Zaytsev has gone through deep changes within himself

Michigan State Spent $500,000 Tracking Nassar Victims & Journalist

Michigan State University paid a public-relations firm upwards of $500,000 to keep track of and report on the social media…

Italian Ivan Zaytsev to Be Featured on Documentary TV Show

Italian volleyball star Ivan Zaytsev was among six athletes chosen to be featured on Alpha television channel’s new documentary series “Battlefields” or Campi di Battaglia. The show will be feature the athletes sharing their lives and careers.

CEV Signs Historic Cooperation Agreement With Scotland’s Vball Body

CEV hopes to double the number of Scottish youth that plays volleyball

Italian Volleyball-Themed Clothing Line Ninesquared Makes Debut

A new clothing company in Italy, Ninesquared, developed and promoted by a group of professional volleyball players including Filippo Lanza, aims to bring the sport to the masses through fashion, communication and events.

Dani Lins, Camila Brait, and Destinee Hooker Talk About Motherhood

This week, three international stars shared with fans emotional moments regarding motherhood

Teodor Salparov Undergoes Genetic Testing In Attempt To Prolong Career

Players will go the distance to ensure they are in the top of their game

Walsh Jennings Looks to Make Stars, Improve State of Beach Volleyball with p1440

Kerri Walsh Jennings shares about leading with love and playfulness, the current and future partnerships of her new project p1440 and how she hopes to improve upon the current state of beach volleyball.

Mind, Body & Soul at Heart of P1440, New Walsh Jennings Tour Venture

Kerri Walsh Jennings has been on a roller coaster ride over the past year, but, during the offseason while recovering…

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