10 Ways To Be The Worst Volleyball Parent Ever

  1 Carly DeMarque | June 01st, 2017 | Lifestyle

After spending countless hours in the gym for the majority of my life, there are a number of things that parents will do that can really get on everyone’s nerves. Most volleyball parents are the best people you’ll meet. They are encouraging, excited, willing to help, and fun. These traits make long hours around in the gym enjoyable and worthwhile. But sometimes…lines are crossed, to the detriment of their children’s love for the sport.

Here are 10 behaviors guaranteed to drive volleyballers and coaches crazy:


Insist your child be moved up to the top team in their age division when the coach doesn’t think they’re the right age or developmentally ready.


Coach your volleyballer before, during and after practices and matches.


Pacing around the court, being that obnoxious parent that yells and screams too excessively after every point.


Talk badly about other volleyballers, families and coaches—in front of your child.


Critique every decision made by the referees and the coaches, when it does not benefit their child.


Switching sides in between sets, begging the other team’s parents to do the same, so you can be on the same side as your child’s team.


Film every match and practice and insist your child sits with you to review them.


Yell at the coaches when they take their child out of the match unexpectedly.


Argue with the refs when they make a call against your child.


Never be happy and always complain about everything. All the time.

What other things do volleyball parents do that drive our kids and coaches crazy?

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Clayton Lucas
Clayton Lucas

Seriously, If I had a parent like that at my club, they would be spoken to about the behaviour and if it did not change they would be asked to leave. They are not only not only representing themselves and their child but also the club the child plays for. They have to understand that, and how their actions and behaviour impacts not only their child, but other children, parents, coaches, refs, sponsors even!

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