Where Do the Conferences Sit in the Volleyball Rankings? (Feb. 27)

  0 Derek Johnson | February 27th, 2018 | Big West, College - Men's Indoor, Conference Carolinas, EIVA, MIVA, MPSF, News

Now all five leagues have gotten underway with Big West action commencing and tons of chaos and carnage occurred in the latest rankings. That caused plenty of shuffling, as the MPSF as a whole moved up in their average rank while the Big West and MIVA slightly dropped from a week prior.

MPSF 7 11.6 5 8.4
Big West 5 6.6 5 6.8
MIVA 5 10.4 4 8.3
EIVA 3 14.7 1 10.0

Overall, the theme of west coast leagues dominates, as the battle rages on between the MPSF – with more teams ranked – versus the Big West – with more highly ranked teams. The MIVA started to encroach on both, but Ohio State fell a bit this week to fend them off from those top two.

In the EIVA, Penn State fell but George Mason rose up with a win at University Park. The other league, Conference Carolinas, saw Barton reclaim the league lead which picked off King from being right on the edge of the rankings. Barton is now in that spot, but had less non-conference success than King so have some work to do.

Of course, the AVCA poll, with five less teams, tells a bit of a different story. For one, two EIVA teams are clipped off along with a pair of MPSF teams. That does help the MPSF’s average rank though, showing they too have plenty of teams near the top even though the Big West still runs the highest average.

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