Japan Women’s V.League All-Star Game Signs Manga Collaboration

  0 Jeremy Brahm | March 17th, 2018 | Japanese League, News

On March 16th, the Japanese Women’s V.League announced that they had signed a collaboration agreement with the publisher of the Shoujo Faito (Girl’s Fight) manga comic. The Shoujo Faito comic is created by artist Yohiko Nihonbashi and has been published in biweekly comic magazine Ibuningu (Evening) since February 2006.

In the press release on the V.League’s homepage, the March 13th edition of Ibuningu would have a two-page special article promoting the V.League’s All-Star Game at the end of the month. Additionally the press release stated that there would be an award called the “Shoujo Faito Award” to a player in the Premier League All-Star Game. The winner of the award will also appear in a later Shoujo Faito comic story.

Shoujo Faito has been so popular in Japan, the comic has also garnered some interesting collaboration work. In fourth volume of series published in April 2008, Molten, a Japanese manufacturer of volleyballs, reached agreement with the publisher to use their ball designs and logos in the comic (as shown below).

Courtesy http://blog.livedoor.jp/mndv_08/

With the publishing of the eleventh volume of the series in June 2014, both Mikasa, another Japanese manufacturer of the volleyballs that are used in FIVB events and the FIVB gave authorization for the comic to use the eight paneled blue and yellow volleyball, and also the FIVB logo.

Courtesy of Yohiko Nihonbashi’s webpage

The V.League has also worked with the manga Haikyu!! in a collaboration for the men’s game during the 2013-2014 season. Haikyu has also been used with the Japanese Emperor’s and Empress’ Cup tournaments, as well as the All Japan High School Volleyball Championships.

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