Jersey Fashion: Ishoj Look Like Denmark’s Royal Life Guards

  0 Jeremy Brahm | January 01st, 2018 | Jersey Fashion, Pro Indoor

Over the weekend, as I am working on a future Jersey Fashion article, I happened to see a team picture of Ishoj Volley in Denmark’s VolleyLigaen Herrer, its top level.

In my mind the photo above reminded me a nutcracker. However after performing some additional research in Danish, I found the following article from the team’s home page. The article showed a dark blue set of uniforms.

Courtesy of Ishoj Volley

Ishoj mentioned that the jerseys are based on The Royal Life Guards of the Danish Army. This infantry regiment was founded in 1658 and serves Denmark in two roles. The first as a front line combat unit and the second as a guard/ceremonial unit to the Monarchy of Denmark.

According to Wikipedia, the Royal Life Guards have two different uniform colors, dark blue and scarlet. The dark blue is part of the review order uniform, which is worn while they are on guard duty. This uniform consists of a bearskin headdress, dark blue tunics (top) and light blue trousers with white stripes (as seen below).

Courtesy of

As for the scarlet uniform, it is a ceremonial uniform which is only worn on special state occasions. This uniform uses a scarlet tunic (top) instead of the dark blue tunic.

Courtesy of Pinterest and Google Search

Ishoj first introduced their scarlet jerseys on December 10, 2016 in the Danish League, but also wore these in the Final 4 semifinals of the Danish Cup. Here is what it looks like from the back.

Courtesy of Ishoj Volley

The team even created a video to show off the dark blue design, complete with the bearskin headdress.

Errea the Italian jersey supplier and their Danish representative Dressed4ourSports worked together to create the jersey. Both sides kept precise details in the look with faux buttons on the dark blue and scarlet designs. The dark blue jersey uses scarlet epaulettes, while the scarlet jersey uses light blue epaulettes to match those of the ceremonial uniform.

The only real modification was the addition of a shield where the the white stripes crossed to allow for two digits on both sides. Even then it does not really stretch the design too far from the original look.

Ishoj has continued to wear these jerseys as their primary designs into the 2017-2018 season.

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