Trust, Communication, Patience: Keys To Adapting To A New Team (Video)

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The sport of volleyball is growing and ever-changing, which also boils down to changing teams. Joining a new team or switching beach partners can be a daunting life change for a player, but Team USA players give their advice on how to transition into a new team and not letting it wear down on you.

This season, Kawika Shoji played a huge role for the U.S. Men’s National team and is now showing off his talents in the Italian Men’s league with Gi Group Monza. Monza has had a tough go-around to start off the season, with a 1-2 record. This season is a new year with Monza for Kawika as he was previously in the Russian league with Lokomotiv Norbisk last season.

“It’s easy to adjust when you want to work together and communicate with one another,” said Shoji.

For U.S. Women’s National Teamer, Rachael Adams, she tries to feel out the atmosphere and move at a pace that feels comfortable and genuine to her.

“For me, the side conversations is where it begins – bus rides, locker room, travel days and team dinners. Rather than big interrogations, the one-on-one side conversations are where I thrive and feel the most comfortable,” said Adams.

Trust is the word that Kelsey Robinson would use to describe how to most effectively adapt and adjust to a new team.

This goes with switching up your beach partner as well. Jake Gibbs switched up his partnership entering into the 2017 beach season, as he formerly partnered with Casey Patterson and joined forces with Taylor Crabb over the season. Gibbs says that he adjusts to a new partner depending on the strengths that his partner provides.

If you are unable to adapt to your new partner, life on the beach can be pretty rough. Finding out each other’s strengths and weaknesses will only help each other to find the most successful way to dominate the sand. Though, with this, there is a transition period that occurs, where everything will be different. Phil Dalhausser‘s advice is to give it time and don’t get too discouraged by the way things start off. Things as easy as peppering can be a challenge with a new partner.

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