Where Do the Conferences Sit in the Rankings? (Mar. 27)

  0 Derek Johnson | March 27th, 2018 | Big West, College - Men's Indoor, Conference Carolinas, EIVA, MIVA, MPSF, News, Rankings

We’ve got a new addition/column to the question of where do the conferences sit in the latest rankings, as the RPI poll adds in a new facet to look at. That gives a combination of a look from us here at VolleyMob, what the coaches are thinking, as well as some of the numbers in the computers/RPI.

VM Top 20 VM Avg. Rk AVCA (15) AVCA Avg. Rk RPI Top 20 RPI Avg. Rk
MPSF  6  9.5  5  7.4  5  7.2
MIVA  6  11.2  5  10.4  6  12.5
Big West  5  6.6  5  6.2  5  7.2
EIVA  3  17.7  0  —  2  14.5
Conf. Carolinas  0  —  0  —  2  17
Independents  0  —  0  —  0  —

Overall, the latest VolleyMob and AVCA rankings did not see much movement, meaning where the conferences average out is similar to last week. That keeps the MIVA and MPSF atop in terms of overall depth with McKendree and USC sitting at the end of the top 20 while the Big West continues to be about the cream of the crop. Even if their only other team not ranked came in at #20, the Big West would still average out to be under nine – the best of any league.

In the AVCA, the top three equally weight out the 15 for the third straight week. It also dis-includes the other three leagues, as the MPSF and Big West come close in average ranking per team.

Interestingly enough in the RPI, the MPSF drops their lowest ranked team and sees their average skyrocket to the same as the Big West. The MIVA garners the most in that top 20, though its average falls while the Conference Carolinas garners an appearance from Barton and King.

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