26 Teams Crowned Champions At 2017 USAV Girls’ Junior Nationals

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The USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships (GJNC) has concluded their annual tournament crowning champions aged from 11-17. This year’s Championships were held in Minneapolis.

Across the seven different age levels of play, there were 1,261 teams competing for a total of 26 different titles. In all but the Patriot divisions, a team needed to qualify for the event to participate. There were an estimated 13,000 athletes competing with over 500 hours of the tournament being recorded on four different courts (17-20).

Below are the results across all seven division of play.

Championship Results

17s Division

17 Open 17 National 17 USA 17 American 17 Patriot
1 TAV 17 Black (North Texas) Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar (Southern California) Houston Juniors 17 Elite (Lone Star) Northern Lights 17-2 (North Country) Zona 17-1 (Arizona)
2 AJV 17 Mizuno (Lone Star) EXCEL 17 National Red (North Texas) TAV 17 Blue (North Texas) SIVBC 17 Storm (Puget Sound) LAVA North 17 Adidas (Southern California)
3 Texas Tornados 17 Mizuno (Lone Star) Michio Chicago 17 National (Great Lakes) Pgh Elite 17 Premier 1 (Keystone) Momentum 17 Shane (Rocky Mountain) Colorado Juniors 17 Aneli (Rocky Mountain)
T3 SG Elite 17 Roshambo OT 17 T. Rox Red (Florida) Asics Willowbrook 17 Gold (Lone Star) PSVA 17 Black Gokhan (Florida) Rancho Valley 17 Select (Southern California

16s Division

16 Open 16 National 16 USA 16 American 16 Patriot
1 Mintonette Sports – m.61 Vision 16 Gold (Northern California) ASICS MAVS 16-1 (Heart of America) Rancho Valley 16 Premier (Southern California) Vision 16 Blue (North Country)
2 TAV 16 Black Dynasty 16 Black (Heart of America) VA Juniors 16 Elite (Chesapeake) Woodlands Revolution 16 Elite-KW (Lone Star) Temecula Viper 16 Kevin (Southern California)
3 SNVC 16 Mizuno (North Texas) Nebraska One 16 Titanium (Great Plains) Tejas 16.1 (North Texas) Dallas Premier 16 Black (North Texas) Sunshine 16 Elite (Southern California)
T3 A5 Mizuno 16-1 Gabe (Southern) Crossfire Minnesota 16-1 (North Country) OT 16 T. Rox Red (Florida) Eastside Cleveland Juniors 16 Elite (Ohio Valley) HPSTL 16 Orange (Gateway)

15s Division

15 Open 15 National 15 USA 15 American 15 Patriot
1 TAV 15 Black (North Texas) Kokoro Volleyball 15-1 (North Country) LIVEWIRE 15 Adidas (Arizona) A4 Volley 15-Purple (Southern California) Momentum 15 Elsa (Rocky Mountain)
2 ASICS MAVS 15-1 (Heart of America) HPSTL 15 Royal (Gateway) OP2 15-1 EP (Oklahoma) OTVA 15 T. Rox Red (Florida) Forza1 15 UA (Southern California)
3 Mintonette Sports – m.51 (Ohio Valley) CC Force 151 Crossfire SA Magic 15 Elite (Lone Star) Tstreet 15-Curtis (Southern California) Forza1 North 15 UA (Southern California)
T3 AVC Cleveland Rox 15N Harvey (Ohio Valley) Ka Ulukoa Black 15-1 (Aloha) Rockwood Thunder 15 Navy (Gateway) A2 15 Green (Ohio Valley) Wave 15 Dave (Southern California)

14s Division

14 Open 14 National 14 USA 14 American 14 Patriot
1 Tstreet 14-Carson (Southern California) A5 Mizuno 14-2 Karen (Southern) Mizuno Long Beach Rockstar M (Southern California) Tampa Elite U14 Columbia (Florida) Saddleback Valley Volleyball Club 14 Lisa (Southern California)
2 TAV 14 Black (North Texas) A5 South 14-1 Trina PVA 14 Elite (Heart of America) Forza1 North 14 UA (Southern California) Rancho Valley 14 Premier (Southern California)
3 Rockwood Thunder 14 Mizuno (Gateway) Wildfire 14 Nike Albert (Florida) Instinct 14 Leopards Wild GP (North Texas) HJV 14 Elite (Lone Star) Forza1 14 UA (Southern California)
T3 OTVA 14 S. Rox Red (Florida) AZ Sky 14 Gold Allegiance (Arizona) Mintonette Sports – m.42O (Ohio Valley) Texas Pistols 14 Black (North Texas) Sunshine 14 Elite (Southern California)

13s Division

13 Open 13 National 13 American
1 OTVA 13 S. Rox Red (Florida) Wave 13 Tammy (Southern California) A2 13 Green (Ohio Valley)
2 Arizona Storm 13 Thunder (Arizona) Rockwood Thunder 13 Mizuno (Gateway) Gulfside 13U Navy (Florida)
3 Absolute Black 13-1 (Northern California) Nebraska Elite 13 Thunder (Great Plains) JJVA Team Rox 13N Julie (Florida)
T3 Madfrog 13s N Blue (North Texas) Rockford 13 Black (Great Lakes) H Skyline 13 Royal (Lone Star)

12s Division

12 National 12 American
1 Dynasty 12 Black (Heart of America) Gainesville 12 Elite (Florida)
2 Boiler Juniors 12U (Hoosiers) ASICS MAVS 12-1 (Heart of America)
3 TAV 12 Black (North Texas) Tstreet 12-Taylor (Southern California)
T3 Madfrogs 12s N Blue (North Texas) Skyline 11 Royal (North Texas)

11s Division

11 Patriot
1 OTVA 11 S. Rox Red (Florida)
2 Madfrog 11s N Blue (North Texas)
3 SG Elite 11 Roshambo (Southern California)
T3 Abejitas (Puerto Rico)

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