Babies Born In Conegliano Will Be Gifted Team Memorabilia From Now On

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In a real testament to what volleyball culture represents to some Italian citizens, Imoco Conegliano‘s president, Piero Garbelloto, signed a partnership with the city’s mayor and health officials guaranteeing that all newborn babies will the city will be gifted with memorabilia from the team. The babies will be welcomed into the world with a kit: a bib that carries a baby black panther with a pacifier logo (the black panther is the mascot of the club), the Italian constitution, game tickets, and a welcome congratulations letter for the family.

Here is what all parties had to say of the colaboration (

“We are convinced that such beautiful initiatives, addressed to the community, are very important because they give space to the fundamental values ​​that only sport can give. Union is strength, so the city has enthusiastically accepted to participate in this initiative. In this kit we find the values ​​of sport and the civic values ​ of our Constitution, an ideal mix for the new generations.” – Fabio Chies, Conegliano‘s mayor

“Congratulations to Imoco Volley for this idea, an initiative that will certainly be appreciated by families in the area. We have been collaborating with Imoco for the athletes’ screening and prevention for many years now. We are now participating in this new initiative. The effort to bring the values ​​of sport and well-being to the population of the city is truly a win. Thanks to Imoco Volley and thanks to the Municipality of Conegliano for having involved us in this beautiful initiative.”  – Francesco Benazzi, Health manager

“I thank the city of Conegliano who accepted the collaboration and all the protagonists of this initiative. We have always been a family-company with great attention to our fans. We have fans and subscribers from zero to eighty years and beyond. This initiative of the kit-bib and the invitation to the matches is for us the crowning and the realization of our idea of ​​sport as a social vehicle and a link with the city.”  – Piero Garbellotto, Imoco’s president

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Vi piace? ECCO IL KIT DI BENVENUTO OFFERTO DA IMOCO VOLLEY, COMUNE DI CONEGLIANO E ULSS2 A TUTTI I NUOVI NATI DI CONEGLIANO E VITTORIO VENETO! da aprile a tutte le famiglie dei neonati verrà consegnato direttamente al reparto maternità.

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