Fabiana Undergoes Hair Transition To Inspire Afro-Brazilian Women

  0 Liam Smith | August 17th, 2018 | Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, Lifestyle, News, South American Volleyball

Fabiana Claudino knows that given her very successful sporting career, which includes two Olympic gold medals, she is a reference for young afro-Brazilians everywhere. With this mind, the 33-year-old middle blocker decided to undergo a hair transition regimen to promote and inspire afro-Brazilian women empowerment. The regimen involves stopping using capilar cosmetic products, allowing one’s hair to return to its natural form.

For Fabiana, transitioning puts into check the tabu of straight hair as a pattern of beauty and fights prejudice, which she suffered because of her looks during childhood. She says her procedure will last at least 18 months. She recently shared the experience with fans on social media and was surprised by the amount of support she received. Her original posts on Instagram and Facebook have gathered over 44k likes and 1k comments. Here is how she reacted to it:

“A lot of people are still ashamed to show off their hair. Thank God we are increasingly conquering our space and today I have the opportunity to use my natural hair. In the old days, girls would laugh at my hair because it was curly and had a lot of volume. Now, we have freedom. I think that black women are breaking free and that’s when I really decided to wear my natural hair again. A lot of people are afraid of transitioning because the process is not easy. I won’t like, it’s a shock at first. But I think this makes it even more motivating. We have to be well with ourselves. I want to pass this on to everyone. I honestly did not think it would resonate so much. I received lots of messages from girls saying they will do it too, that they took courage to do it. That’s really cool, I’m really happy to be able to help other people.”


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