FTL: Spain Wins Marathon 3-Setter To Highlight Men’s Round of 24

  0 Jared Anderson | February 09th, 2017 | FIVB Majors Series, News, Pro, Pro Beach


Spain’s Herrera/Gavira won a third set that ran an entire 48 points to move on from the men’s round of 24, one of four three-set matches in the opening round. The Spanish pair won the first set but dropped set #2 19-21 to force the third. That set rolled all the way to 24-23 before the Spanish finally put the nail in the coffin of Americans Trevor Crabb/Rosenthal. Spain’s team will move on to face Pool D champs Fijalek/Bryl of Poland.

In an earlier three-setter, Brazil’s Alison/Schmidt came back from a 0-1 deficit to stun Chile’s Grimalt/Grimalt pair in an 18-16 final set. In other three-set action, Brazil’s Evandro/Loyola topped Doppler/Horst of Austria 18-16 in the third and Americans Hyden/Doherty moved on after a 15-12 third-set win over Rangieri/Caminati of Italy.

Alison/Schmidt of Brazil get Poland’s Kantor/Losiak in the round of 16. The other Brazilian pair, Evandro/Loyola, get Americans Brunner and Patterson, while America’s Hyden/Doherty will face Russian duo Liamin/Krasilnikov.

Other round of 24 action:

  • Germany’s Boeckerman/Fluggen won twin 21-19 sets over Smedins/Samoilovs of Latvia. They’ll get Americans Lucena/Dalhausser in the next round.
  • Canada’s Pedlow/Schachter swept Stoyanovskiy/Yarzutkin of Russia and face USA’s Gibb/Crabb team tomorrow.
  • Swiss duo Beeler/Krattiger eliminated another Canadian team, Saxton/Schalk, 2-0. The Swiss face Brazil’s Alvaro/Barbosa tomorrow.
  • But Canada’s Plantinga/O’Gorman will also move on after a 2-0 drubbing of Brazil’s Solberg/Carvalhaes. They get Italy’s Lupo/Nicolai in the next round.

The round of 16 now has 4 American teams, 3 from Brazil, 2 from Poland and Canada and one each from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Russia.

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