Historical FIVB Women’s Rankings 2005-2017

  0 Jeremy Brahm | November 28th, 2017 | International Volleyball, News, Rankings

As volleyball fans, we try to keep a mental picture of where our team is compared to other teams. The FIVB has a ranking system which gives a point value to a team’s finish in competitions.

At present, the FIVB uses four competitions to calculate the points for its rankings.

  1. World Championships (Once every 4 years, 100 points maximum)
  2. Olympics (Once every 4 years, 100 points maximum)
  3. World Cup (Once every 4 years, 100 points maximum)
  4. World Grand Prix (soon to be Volleyball Nations League, Annually, 50 points maximum)

The maximum number of points can receive is 350 points. In the past the FIVB counted the results of the Continental Championships for 30 points. However since the July 2016 rankings, they have not been counted.

Additionally, since the January 2013 rankings all results are kept at their full value. Prior to that, results were reduced in value by the distance from the competition. 3 years meant that you only received 25% of the value, 2 years received 50% and 1 year would receive 75% of the value. Below is chart of the maximum point values possible going back to September 2005 rankings, which are the farthest back that Volleymob and Jeremy Brahm can find online.

Courtesy Volleymob & Jeremy Brahm

Going to back to our first paragraph, we found that the FIVB does not do a good job of tracking teams rankings over time. We at Volleymob decided to see if we could put these rankings and points together for fans to see how their teams did over time. Below is an example of the Chinese women’s team FIVB Ranking and FIVB points since September 2005 to August 2017.

Click on the chart to see Chinese women and other country rankings

We at Volleymob feel that this compilation of data is of great use to all of the volleyball fans around the world.

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