Introducing VolleyMob’s Newest Feature: Push Notifications

  0 Jared Anderson | February 08th, 2017 | Lifestyle, News

Do you spend your workday constantly checking for any new updates on your favorite players? Do you lose sleep at night with concern you’ll miss the latest happenings in the world of volley? Have you worn out your refresh button trying to make sure you’re the first to see our latest photo gallery?

Well worry no more, volleyball fans! As always, VolleyMob has you covered with our newest feature: push notifications.

“But that’s too complicated for me?” we can hear you saying. But not so fast! You can sign up for instant Volleymob notifications with just the push of a button! How?

1. Find the little alarm bell in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

It’s a bell that hovers on the VolleyMob page as you scroll. It looks something like this:



2. Click the bell.

You do this with your mouse. Pro tip: if you’re viewing us on a mobile device, you can tap the bell with your finger!

3. Enjoy never missing a beat in your volleyball fandom.

There’s nothing that says “true hardcore volleymobber” more than getting push notifications from VolleyMob. Don’t be afraid to geek out. Click that notification button and take your volley obsession to the next level!

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