Jersey Fashion: Iran’s Sarmayeh Bank “To Be a Better Player”

  0 Jeremy Brahm | February 04th, 2018 | Iran League, Jersey Fashion, News, Pro Indoor

Sometimes when you are on the lookout for interesting jerseys from volleyball teams around the world, you need some help. My Volleymob colleague Renan Correia sent me a link for Iran’s Sarmayeh Bank’s jersey that they were using in the Iranian Men’s Premier League. Renan used the term “motivational volleyball quotes on its game jersey.” Renan, all I have to say is wow.

Sarmayeh Bank has won the last two Iranian Premier League titles and played in the FIVB Men’s Club World Championship in Poland in December, but did not use the jersey that Renan had sent a link of. This jersey has been used in the Iranian domestic league.

Sarmayeh put the following phrase on the front at the bottom of their jerseys in a box:

To Be a Better Volleyball Player Than You’ve Been, You Have to Do Something You’ve Never Done.

Courtesy of Payam Parsaie of

However after doing a google search for the phrase to determine which coach or person had said this phrase, I found that this was a quote by a woman named Felicity Luckey on her website “Great Minds Think Fit.

On her website, she had this as one of her motivational quotes, of which there are many.

Courtesy of Felicity Luckey and Great Minds Think Fit

She mentions about playing the sport of volleyball the following.

As all great volleyball players, coaches and sports teams know, it takes determination, discipline and daily motivation to succeed. We hope that our quotes and our posters give you the visual motivation to help you get motivated… and stay motivated. Our inspirational volleyball quotes and posters are all worded and designed to help inspire and motivate you to achieve your ultimate volleyball goals.

She may not have expected that an Iranian men’s professional volleyball team would have taken her words to heart or even that they would have put those words on their own jerseys.

Volleymob did try to connect to Ms. Luckey for this article but had not received any response from her or her website by the time this article was published.


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