New 2017-2020 Official Rules Book Now Available

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Every few years the FIVB looks over the sanctioned rules they have established in order to keep the sport of volleyball fair and safe.

Approved by the 35th FIVB Congress back in October of 2016, they have put into place the new rules that are to be enforced starting on January 1, 2017. The rules last from 2017-2020 and the rules stretch from beach to indoor to the official referee hand signals. These rules provide the basic framework for how volleyball and beach volleyball are played around the world.

The regulations for FIVB events are provided by handbooks specific to each competition.

New Rules

Foot Faults 

  • Touching an opponents field of play while the ball is in play will not be allowed, resulting in a loss of point. This not only applies to the foot, but any part of the body touching across the plain of play under the net. When no ball is in play and does not disturb the opponent, touching the opponents field, is allowed. The call of whether the ball is in play or not will be assessed such as a net violation; also touching the net will only be whistled in a play in which the ball is involved
  • Touching the center line is allowed

Returning the ball from the free zone

  • One the ball passes the antenna, it is out of bounds even if it happens after the first touch. Returning the ball from the opponent’s free zone (beyond the antenna) is not allowed

New Rule Books

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