Piotr Nowakowski To Join Polish Club Lotos Trefl

  0 Jared Anderson | May 12th, 2017 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

Polish volleyball star Piotr Nowakowski will remain in his home nation, joining the Lotos Trefl Gdansk club after leaving Asseco Resovia in the off-season.

Nowakowski was one of 5 members to leave Asseco Resovia in a mass exodus last month. Nowakowski had been with the Asseco Resovia program since 2011, a lengthy stay. Now, the Trefl club announces they’ll be adding Nowakowski for next season.

Trefl is 29 years old and stands at 6-foot-9, or 2.05 meters tall. Typically a middle blocker, Nowakowski has a long international resume. His honors include gold at the 2014 World Championships in his home nation of Poland and bronze at the 2015 World Cup in Japan.

Lotos Trefl Gdansk coach Andree Anastasiego called Nowakowski “a very valuable reinforcement.” A rough translation of his quote, per Sport.Trefl.com:

I am very pleased that once again we will work together. As soon as I learned that there is a chance that Peter left his former club, started efforts to bring it to the LOTOS Trefl. This is a player who in recent years has made history of Polish volleyball, among others, reaching for the world championship. I do not remember you ever planted him on the bench in any important match, when he drove staff. For our club it’s very valuable reinforcement. We need a change in the composition, whereby LOTOS Trefl will be able to develop. I believe that the contracting of Piotr Nowakowski is one of castling, which will allow us to raise the level of our sports team and fight for the best positions in PlusLidze

-Andree Anastasiego

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