Superliga Rivals Protest Tifanny’s Participation After Setting Records

  0 Liam Smith | February 09th, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball

Tifanny Abreu‘s record setting performances since she made volleyball history by being the first transgender woman to participate in Brazil’s Female Superliga has drawn the ire of the league’s clubs. According to Bruno Voloch, a famous and influential Brazilian volleyball blogger, all but two of Superliga’s teams have asked the Brazilian Volleyball Federation (CBV) to remove Tifanny from the competition. When asked by Bruno in an interview about the clubs’ request, Radamés Lattari, CBV’s Coordinator had this to say:

“The Brazilian Volleyball Federation adopts the rules of the International Olympic regarding gender re-positioning and hypo-androgenism as a criteria in transgender/ transsexual cases. CBV will follow the international norms, be it FIVB’s, of the IOC’s. The clubs are CBV’s partners in organizing Superliga, and their opinions will be considered. However, to preserve players’ rights and to comply with international legislation and regulations are the pillars of our entity.”

Bruno says that for now, a probable solution for the case is to rank Tifanny as a Seven-Point player in Superliga’s parity system, where a team has the right to only sign two players of such kind. Up until now, the 7-point criteria has only been awarded to Olympic champions Thaísa Daher, Sheilla Castro, Dani Lins, Fernanda Garay, Natália Zilio, Fabiana Claudino, Tandara Caixeta, and Jaqueline Endres. The ranking is decided solely by clubs, as CBV has no say in the matter, as per the competition’s regulation

Bruno has also leaked one of Tifanny’s testosterone level exams, showing that the player is within regulations decided by the IOC:

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