A Thank You Letter To All Mothers

  0 Carly DeMarque | May 14th, 2017 | Lifestyle

One day a year is not enough sometimes to show the gratification that our mothers or mother-figures deserve. On Mother’s Day, we need to show off that admiration with the largest sentiment we can.

As volleyball players and coaches, we sometimes don’t fully appreciate or understand the time and effort that our mother’s put in for game days and every other day of the year. Here are three things we are thankful our mothers did and continue to do for us every day.

1. Keeping us organized

Where would be if our mothers didn’t remind us to pack our knee pads or shoes for practice and games? Or remind us to pack our lunches the night before so we didn’t starve throughout the day? Or reminding us to take all our smelly socks and knee pads out of our bags after a long day of playing so they could be washed? They keep us organized and built up our habits to continue onto greatness as adults, and (maybe) we would remember to do these things on our own someday.

2. Being our #1 fan

Our mothers are our number one fans, they live and breathe on the same schedule we keep – from waking up early on tournament days to having to take time off work or leave early just to catch a weekday game, they never miss a single game if they can help it. They are always front and center, cheering us on the loudest and support us no matter what.

3. Love and support our dreams

This might be the most important, as without their constant support and love we would not have the drive to continue doing what we do every single day. Mother’s keep us sane through the tough practice and support us unconditionally with no questions asked. They are the ones we look to for guidance and more support than we can handle with the decisions that we make every single day.

Thank you, mothers, for all that you do!

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