Three Romanian Players Suspended, May Face Lifetime Ban By The FIVB

  0 Liam Smith | November 15th, 2017 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor

The FIVB has suspended three Romanian volleyball players for allegedly betting against their own team in the 2017 CEV Cup, according to Romania’s Gazeta Sporturilor.

The players are 21 year old Alexandru Muscina, 23 year old Alexandru Cersemba, and 25 year old Andrei Ursache. All three of them, who played for Galati Arcade of the first division of Romanian domestic play, bet against their team in its CEV Challenge Cup Round of 16 match against Serbia’s Vojvodina Novi, held in 01/04 in Serbia. Galati went on to lose the match 3-0. The FIVB was alerted of the betting activity through the use of specific software that alerts the institution when credit cards that bears names in its players database is used on famous betting websites.

Gazeta Sporturiolor states that there are rumors that the Romanian Volleyball Federation tried not to make the scandal public, and that these news only now came to life through extenuating circumstances. The players have not yet released any kind of statement regarding the accusation, although their current clubs had the following to say:

Alexandru Muscina informed us verbally about the suspension two days before the national championship started. He is an important player for us and, as long as the decision is not final, he must train” George Grigorie, CSA Steaua’s coach, Muscina’s current team.

“Ursache and Cerşemba are our players and claim they bet after the books were closed, therefore it could not be considered a valid bet. That’s all I can say” Constantin Niţă,  VCM Piatra-Neamţ’s director, Ursache’s and Cersemba’s current team.

If the investigations confirm that they players are indeed guilty, they may face a lifetime ban by the FIVB. Here is what a Romanian Volleyball Federation source had to say on the matter:

“If the decision remains final, the three risk one of the most drastic sanctions in sport, worse than those in socce. FIVB regulations call for fines between 50,000 EUR EUR and 150,000 EUR and a suspension of at least five years. Even if they are fined in the lower limits, they still would not be able to pay all the money, so the three athletes will no longer be able to play volleyball.”

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