WATCH: Stanford Women Do Spot-On Recreation of Top Gun Beach Scene

  0 Braden Keith | March 12th, 2017 | College - Beach, News, Pac-12, Video

Two decades before beach volleyball was awarded a championship by the NCAA, a decade before it was awarded an Olympic gold medal by the IOC, and a year after Misty May-Treanor played in her first-ever beach volleyball tournament at 8 years old with her father, beach volleyball had its brightest moment in the sum.

That is, of course, when Goose and Maverick took to the sand against Iceman and Slider in the greatest fictional beach volleyball scene to ever grace the silver screen.

They now face serious competition for quality from the red-bordered screens of YouTube, however. The Stanford women’s beach volleyball team did a spot-on, near-perfect recreation of the scene. Don’t believe me? We’ve posted both videos below. Hit play at the same time, and prepare to be amazed.

The big difference? The movies most famous actor, Tom Cruise, would probably struggle to crack the Stanford lineup at 5’7″. That means that every single player on the Stanford beach roster except for 1, sophomore Jennifer Disanto, is taller than him. Merete Lutz, in fact, has him beat by a solid 13 inches.

The least-known character and actor in the match is Rick Rossovich, who is the most volleyball-like at 6’4″. Rossovich did a fun interview about the making of that scene with Yahoo a few years back.

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