Buse Kayacan Talks About Violence Against Women In Turkey

  0 Liam Smith | March 11th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, Turkish League

Turkish national teamer and Galatasaray‘s Buse Kayacan has had the pleasure of travelling all over Turkey playing volleyball. After all, she has had defended the colors of the country’s most important clubs, such as Eczacibasi, Bursa, Nilufer, and her current club Galatasaray.

Amid celebrations of International Women’s day this week, she was asked by the Turkish media about violence against women in the country.  Just as throughout the world, the high rate of domestic violence against women is a common problem in Turkish society. Kayacan did not shy away from the topic (to be redirected to the full interview, click here):

This is an issue that I am extremely sensitive about. I am shocked with so much violence in our country. It is both sad and disgusting to have such primitive and brutal violence in today’s world. Individuals who subject others to violence have severe character problems. If you need to show someone your strength by harming them, this is a sign of weakness. Violence can never be accepted or forgiven, it is inexcusable. My message to women all over the world is that everyone has a right to live life in the best possible way. Do not let yourself feel weak. There is nothing more valuable than you, and only you can help yourself. Hold tight, talk to yourself, the power within you can lift you to new heights. There is nothing you can’t do as long as you trust yourself.

Statements like the one from Kayacan serve as a voice for  women who have been denied their right to talk by society. Although still very young, Kayacan is already mature beyond her years, using her position as an elite athlete to help those in dire need.

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