Cal Poly Defeated TCU and Arizona on Saturday

  0 Julie Haake | March 19th, 2018 | Big West, College - Beach, News, Pac-12


  • #6 Cal Poly Def. TCU (4-1) and #10 Arizona (4-1)
  • #6 Cal Poly 12-2; TCU 3-12; #10 Arizona 7-3
  • Pismo Beach, California
  • Press Releases: Cal Poly / TCU / Arizona

PISMO BEACH, Calif. — The Cal Poly Mustangs hosted the TCU Horned Frogs and the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday and won both matches in their first home series.

For the Mustangs, two pairs remain undefeated. Playing at the number two slot against Arizona, Emily Sonny and Samantha Manley are 14-0 and Adlee Van Winden and Taylor Nelson improved their pair record to 8-0 at the number three slot. Cal Poly will travel to Bakersfield next weekend as they face CSU Bakersfield and LMU on Saturday.

Arizona split on the day, defeating TCU before falling to Cal Poly later in the day. The pair of Hailey Devlin and Stephany Purdue won both of their match ups on the day. The Wildcats will continue play against San Jose State and Santa Clara.

The Horned Frogs were unsuccessful in Pismo Beach. These were the seventh and eighth matches in a row against ranked opponents for TCU, and they lost 4-1 in each. They will travel to Columbia, South Carolina to take on Florida Gulf Coast, UAB, South Carolina, and UNC-Wilmington in the Gamecock Challenge.


Cal Poly vs. TCU (4-1)

  1. Torrey Van Winden/Tiadora Miric (CP) def. Jillian Bergeson/Jaelyn Greene (TCU) (21-13, 21-18)
  2. Emily Sonny/Samantha Manley (CP) def. Cassie House/Haven Hill (TCU) (21-16, 21-14)
  3. Adlee Van Winden/Taylor Nelson (CP) def. Molly Scheel/Jensyn Bledsoe (TCU) (22-20, 21-17)
  4. Raeann Greisen/Hannah Hubbard (CP) def. Claire Doyle/Hannah Rogers (TCU) (21-8, 21-17)
  5. Jordan Westendorff/Brooke Sassin (TCU) def. Heather Pembroke/Macy Gordon (CP) (18-21, 21-19, 15-8)

Cal Poly vs. Arizona (4-1)

  1. Torrey Van Winden/Tiadora Miric (CP) def. Natalie Anselmo/Olivia MacDonald (UA) (21-13, 21-19)
  2. Emily Sonny/Samantha Manley (CP) def. Olivia Hallman/Kacey Nady (UA) (21-13, 21-15)
  3. Raeann Greisen/Hannah Hubbard (CP) def. Brooke Burun/Jonny Baham (UA) (21-13, 20-22, 17-15)
  4. Adlee Van Winden/Taylor Nelson (CP) def. Mia Mason/Makenna Martin (UA) (21-14, 21-13)
  5. Hailey Devlin/Stephany Purdue (UA) def. Heather Pembroke/Macy Gordon (CP) (21-15, 18-21, 15-9)


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