Changes in the Polish Season for 2018-2019

  0 Blair Lambert | August 09th, 2018 | News, Polish League, Pro Indoor

The start of the Polish PlusLiga is just about 2 months away. With the beginning of a new season on the horizon, the Profesjonalna Liga Piłki Siatkowe (PLPS) has publicized some changes made to match operations.  The biggest change is that there will not be a 10 minute break after the second set of play. There are also other changes to make the duration of the matches shorter, though not all of the changes are related to time.

Changes to the Polish PlusLiga Procedures for 2018-2019

  • 5 minute break at the end of each set
  • no technical breaks after 8 and 16 points in each set
  • no more than 12 seconds will elapse between the referee’s whistle to end a point and the whistle to signal the next serve unless the floor needs to be mopped, there is a substitution, there is a timeout, there is a challenge: five balls will be used to ensure the match can resume quickly after a point
  • there is no more “coaches line,” but the coach may roam freely from the attack line to the warm-up area in front of his or her team’s bench as long as he or she does not disturb or delay the game
  • jerseys can be numbered 1-99
  • there will be no more placards with numbers used for substitutions: substitution protocols have not been finalized yet

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