Italy’s Sora Globe Uses Town Lake For Criotherapy Sessions

  0 Liam Smith | September 06th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor

The field of sports medicine is ever evolving with brimming new technologies. Take cryotherapy for example, a recovery method that takes advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties of cold temperatures, which motivated the industry to come up with cryochambers, cryo-ultrassounds, and cryo-saunas. However, we’d all have to agree that none of those solutions can quite come close to Italy’s Sora Globe’s methods. Lately, the team’s athletic trainer, Giacomo Paone, has submitted the team’s players to cryotherapy sessions in the city’s lake, which is located in a very nice park.

“The boys’ fitness levels are improving by each week. Workloads are heavy during this preparation period and the players are responding well. They are constantly monitored with athletic tests and body assessment to examine the results obtained. In this first mesocycle, they are very well. We ended this week with work on the sand, while last week we mostly worked in the pool. Now we will continue to work with heavy loads in the weight room and with technique work to begin to face the first friendlies that will accompany us to the first championship. These will be useful to continue to improve more and more the shape of our players. Cryotherapy is helping us in this sense to recover quickly to be immediately ready for the next sessions. Now we are doing it at the lake of Posta Fibreno but in winter we will continue to do it with the special tank in our training center.”

The practice has caught the eyes of the city’s population, which stops by to have a look at the boy’s enjoying themselves a relaxing swim after practice. Sora, home to former Hawaii star Kupono Fei, indeed needs all the help it can get this season after finishing its last campaign with a 4-22 record, second to last in the standings.

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