Japan: VLeague Releases New Logo, Superleague Will Use “V.LEAGUE” Name

  0 Jeremy Brahm | December 30th, 2017 | Japanese League, News, Pro Indoor

On Christmas Day in Japan, the V.League held a press conference to announce the name of the Superleague that will begin play in the fall of 2018. The name of the Superleague will be exactly the same as the current, with only a change to capital letters, hence “V.LEAGUE”. In the press conference the new logo for the league was presented as well. The V is very wide in white, with sharp 90 degree angles at the corners on the top of each vertical. Inside of the V on the right vertical, LEAGUE is spelled in black following the angle of the V upwards. In my mind the new logo, looks like the corner of a volleyball court, with the lettering outside of the court. Different levels of the league will be called V.LEAGUE 1 (top level, abbreviated to V1), V.LEAGUE 2 (V2) and V.LEAGUE 3 (V3).

Courtesy Japanese V.League

The new logo can also be easily modified by colors as seen in the above shot at the press conference. The lettering can be converted to white on a white t-shirt. From left to right in the picture are the V.League Representative Chairman Kenji Shimaoka, Panasonic Panthers Kunihiro Shimizu, Toray Arrows Ai Kurogo, Hisamitsu Springs Yuki Ishii, Toyota Gosei Trefuerza Takuya Takamatsu and former Japanese national team player, now commentator Motoko Ohbayashi.

The league will have use one color each for the men’s and women’s leagues.

Courtesy Japanese V.League

Courtesy Japanese V.League







In the press conference, the use of the V was shown as the following:

  • Volleyball (of course)
  • Visionary, having a clear vision
  • Vivid, giving stimulation
  • Value, giving to fans
  • Vitality, live for the future (health)
  • Vibrant, creating emotions that move
  • Voice, of the fans and regions
  • Victory, reaching success

The league is using this reasoning as Japanese soccer and basketball league have become very popular due to a change in the naming of teams for cities instead of companies and understanding that professional sports are entertainment. The V.League at present is shifting to a new vision of how to present their sport to Japanese society, which has grown up with the sport through the Olympic results and play in elementary, junior and high schools. The hope for the league is the improve the experience on and off the court and it will continue to improve the level of the national team.

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