Neven Neshev Narrowly Misses Chunk Of Falling Roof In Bulgaria

  0 Steven Myers | October 05th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News

A large chunk of roof fell from the Arpezos Hall stadium in Kardzhali, Bulgaria on Monday, narrowly missing Bulgarian volleyball star Neven Neshev as it hit the floor.

“While I was in the hall a big piece fell a few meters away from me,” said Neshev (Translated from Bulgarian). “What if it were not meters, what if it were a kid?”

According to on average there are approximately 100 people who walk through the gym every day including both adults and children. The hall is the home of Bulgarian super league team Arda Kardzhali.

Neshev went on to ask the local government to find a solution to the problem quickly following the accident.

In a post to Facebook, Neshev said “this piece fell within inches of them [local children]. How long are we gonna rely on luck to protect us? Institutions, do you sleep peacefully?”

In the post above you can see pieces of the ceiling that have fallen onto the gym floor.

While according to, the municipal government in Kardzhali already voted to grant 50,000 to repair the roof of the Arpezos Hall stadium according to Arda Kardzhali  president Milko Bagdasarov more money is needed.

He stated that the complex needs a complete renovation and that they need approximately one million lev (approx. $588,373 USD) to complete the renovations.

A request has been sent from both municipal and regional governments for energy funds issued by the Interdepartmental Commission for Assistance and Recovery.

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