Pakistani Climbers Play Volleyball At 10,000 Feet Altitude

  0 Liam Smith | February 08th, 2018 | International Volleyball, News, Snow Volleyball

Volleyball is truthfully a wonderful sport. It boasts specific nuances at every level it1s played at. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the professional game to pay attention to the simpler manifestations of the sport. After all, few are the elite players with 40+ inch verticals who will make to the Russian League. The truth is that as long as there is “something” that resembles a net and “something” that resembles a ball, fans will find a way to play “something” that resembles volleyball.

In comes the story of three Pakistani climbers who were trying to climb Masherbrum Mountain in Pakistan. At almost 26,000ft, it is the 22nd highest mountain in the world. Due to heavy snowstorm, they decided to close the expedition at 9,000ft and set up camp. Not ones to just stand around, they decided to engage with local settlers in an improvised volleyball court and have themselves a game, which at almost 10,000ft, is a worthy experience in itself. Unfortunately for one of the three, the experience ended badly, as it was reported that he suffered a sprained ankle after he hit his foot on a rock hidden by snow.

If you thought snow volleyball was extreme, below you can check the video of the settlers having fun at about the same height most light aircraft fly, courtesy of


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