Spas Bayrev on Failed Test: “I Was Wrong…I Cannot Turn Back Time”

  0 Braden Keith | April 15th, 2017 | Anti-Doping, European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor

Bulgarian National Teamer Spas Bayrev says that he accepts responsibility and awaits his punishment from the Bulgarian Anti-Doping Commission.

In an interview with, Bayrev, who is expected to learn his sentencing within a fortnight, said that he accepts his fate.

“I was wrong, but what can I do?” Bayrev said. “I can not turn back time. If I could…I cannot really say that I would change anything, do not know how I’d do. I’m just guilty. I smoked marijuana and they caught me. That’s it. But my soul is very cool right now.”

When asked if it was the first time he’d smoked marijuana, Bayrev said “It has happened on other occasions, but it has always been within the normal range and was at a time that will not harm anyone. I really did not want to hurt anyone, especially Levski (his former team) and Vladimir Nikolov (his former manager, who only a month ago declared Bayrev his personal successor as the club’s star).

Bayrev said that when he went before the anti-doping commission, he admitted guilt and explained the whole situation to them. While many media are expecting a 6-month punishment, Bayrev side-stepped questions about the duration of his punishment, saying that he will accept whatever is given out.

Bayrev says that he will not return to Levski after the club cut him following his positive test.

He says that in spite of Nikolov’s harsh public words to him, he still considers the great player to be his idol.


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