The 7 Most Annoying Things About Being A Middle Blocker

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1. The Energizer Bunny

When it comes to defense drills against right and left side attacks, you can’t catch a break. Bouncing from one side of the court to the other with approaches in between, you’re on the court dying after five minutes and everyone else seems perfectly fine.

On the Bright Side:  If you have a touch too much energy, then this position is perfect for you.  You’re always fully engaged and because you’re running every play, you likely have amazing calves.

2. Essentially Bilingual  

Between 31s, 1s, slides, back 1s, fades, etc. you have developed a complete sign language with your setter that can sometimes be a bit tricky to keep straight.

On the Bright Side: Playing middle is a fast paced and exciting position. You have so many options to mix up your hits and adjust to the play that things never get boring. You also seem to have telepathy with your setter when the two of you are running on the fly.

3. Guest Star

Despite your hopeful optimism to become the next Kayla Bentworth, a middle rarely finds herself behind the ten-foot line. Your ticket to the other world is perfecting your serve to gain the coveted spot of the libero for half a rotation.

On the Bright Side: Although middles may hate to admit it, playing back row is typically not our strong suit. Luckily, it is not expected of us and we get to happily pass that stress (and those inevitable floor burns) onto our shorter counterparts.

4. The Friendly Giant

You’re probably the tallest player on your team. And if you aren’t a reasonably classified giant, you seem to lack intimidation while standing next to your 6’4” opponent, despite your impressive ability to jump.

On the Bright Side:  Every inch (whether from height or hops) counts when it comes to hitting over blocks and posing as a wall yourself. Plus, you have the glory of towering over your peers.

5. Sometimes, You’re Just Really in the Way

Because you are right in the middle of the court, you have to have a predetermined route for any case scenario, and if you derail from that path, you are instantly in three different people’s way.

On the Bright Side: Once you figure out your system and navigating your teammates, you get to enjoy having a front row seat to every play, situated right in the middle of all the action.

6. Middle “Hitter”

So technically you’re a middle blocker, but you still have the same urge to hit as all the other front row players, so it can be a bit frustrating when you are running more fakes than actual hits. If it’s a rough game in the passing department, you could have several plays where you never touch the ball.

On the Bright Side: There is immense satisfaction in hearing your opposing middle’s mutter of frustration when you’ve pulled them with your convincing approach. And whether everyone else recognizes it or not, freeing up your pins can make all the difference in a play.

7. Jammed Finger

Although angled hands are an effective tactic in blocking, your middle fingers sometimes become collateral against tall hitters. It’s even better when the same finger gets jammed time after time without a chance to heal.  

On the Bright Side: You essentially run the blocking game in the front row and the feeling of getting a stuff block is irrefutably unparalleled.

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