Trentino Signs Deal With University To Allow Its Players To Study

  0 Liam Smith | July 24th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor

If you are brought up in the sporting ranks en route to become a professional athlete in most countries other than the USA, it means that your chances at a formal education are basically shot from the start.. It is not uncommon for youth athletes around the world to give up on school altogether before they even finish high school to focus solely on their upcoming professional careers.

Not all is lost, however, as Italy’s Diatec Trentino has recently implemented a policy on student athletes that most clubs should look to copy. The club has sealed a partnership with the University of Trento to develop an integrated sports/study program for its players in which the University will offer the players flexible academic support necessary to accommodate and reconcile both commitments. The program will even reach out to players in Trentino’s senior squad.

Here is how Diego Monsa, Trentino’s president, reacted to the partnership:

“Trentino Volley in recent years has reached new values and many results that have made the history of the team and volleyball, bringing to a vast national and international audience the values ​​of the the Trentino territory. I am proud of what has been done by this team for the Trentino sport and I am even more so today after having signed an interesting and modern protocol of understanding with the University of Trento, which will allow this team to contribute to the growth and development of the cultural education of their players, helping them to find a dimension not only in sport but also in human and social development. The joint implementation of this program will put our athletes in a position to face an extra professional future with greater serenity and preparation; I am deeply convinced that for teams, sharing this goal with their players is an indispensable commitment to pursue.”

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