Watch: New LA2024 Video Featuring Kobe Bryant

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Written and courtesy of Reid Carlson

LA2024 has put together a very compelling bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the City of Los Angeles will not construct any new venues in order to accommodate the multitude of sports or the legions of athletes that will captivate the world for two weeks in the summer of 2024.  LA is a home to dozens of professional and collegiate sports teams ranging from hockey to football, fútbol, baseball, and basketball, and has the amenities to make those franchises thrive.

The Staples Center, perhaps LA’s most famous venue for major events and the home court for six of the biggest teams in LA, including the Los Angeles Lakers, is revered as one of the premier stadiums in the country.  In the latest video from LA2024 NBA legend Kobe Bryant speaks to LA’s merits and the excellence of the Staples Center.

Reflecting on his long career as a resident of Los Angeles and a representative of LA and Team USA, Bryant describes playing at the Staples Center as a stage where athletes perform, and don’t just play, and that a basketball game feels bigger, as if it were a Broadway Play, at the Staples Center.  In Bryant’s words, LA can be “anything you want it to be.  The versatility is amazing, the diversity here of the people [sic] is amazing.”

Los Angeles and Paris remain locked in a close race for the privilege of hosting the 2024 Summer Games.  The IOC will award the Games to one of the two cities on September 13th of this year in Lima, Peru.

Phase 1 of LA2024’s bid can be found here.

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