American Thayer Hall Named MVP of U20 Pan American Cup

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  • May 8-13th, 2017
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • The top-placing North American and South American teams qualify for the U20 World Championships this summer

American Thayer Hall, one of the youngest members of the championship-winning squad and just a high school junior, has been named the MVP of the 2017 U20 Pan American Cup.

While she didn’t crack double-digit scoring in the championship match, in the Americans’ toughest game of the tournament, the semi-finals against Cuba, she put up 20 points – the 6th-best single game scoring output of the tournament.

In total, Hall had 61 points across the tournament, which ranks her 3rd in total points behind Cuba’s Heidy Casanova and Argentina’s Tosi.

Cuba dominated the all-tournament team,  placing 5 players on the squad, as compared to just Hall for the victorious Americans.

All-Tournament Team

  • MVP: Thayer Hall (USA)
  • First Outside Hitter: Ailama Cese (CUB)
  • Second Outside Hitter: Diaris Perez (CUB)
  • First Middle Blocker: Geraldine Gonzalez (DOM)
  • Second Middle Blocker: Laura Suarez (CUB)
  • Opposite: Heidy Casanova (CUB)
  • Setter: Gretell Moreno (CUB)
  • Libero: Valentina Gonzalez (ARG)
  • Best Server: Kris Justiniano (PUR)
  • Best Receiver: Valentina Gonzalez (ARG)
  • Best Digger: Valentina Gonzalez (ARG)
  • Top Scorer: Heidy Casanova (CUB)

Top Scorers

  • 70- Heidy Casanova, Cuba
  • 63- Anahi Tosi, Argentina
  • 61- Thayer Hall, United States
  • 60- Khalia Lanier, United States
  • 59- Camila Bausero, Uruguay
  • 56- Ailama Cese, Cuba
  • 54- Regan Pittman, United States
  • 51- Benisse Soria, Argentina
  • 47- Madeline Guillen, Dominican Republic
  • 47- Diaris Perez, Cuba

Most Total Blocks

  • 16- Laura Suarez, Cuba
  • 13- Geraldine Gonzalez, Dominican Republic
  • 13- Brionne Butler, United States
  • 12- Regan Pittman, United States
  • 11- Candelaria Herrera, Argentina

Most Total Aces

  • 9- Diairis Perez, Cuba
  • 8- Kris Justiniano, Puerto Rico
  • 7- Khalia Lanier, United States
  • 6- Katherine Regalado, Peru
  • 6- McKenzie May, United States

Best Scoring Performances

  • 25- Heidy Casanova of Cuba v Peru on 10-5-17
  • 23- Camila Bausero of Uruguay v Costa Rica on 8-5-17
  • 21- Madeline Guillen of Dominican Republic v United States on 10-5-17
  • 21- Vielka Peralta of Dominican Republic v Chile on 12-5-17
  • 21- Heidy Casanova of Cuba v United States on 12-5-17
  • 20- Elizabeth Hall of United States v Cuba on 12-5-17

Best Blocking Performances

  • 5- Flavia Montes of Peru v Chile on 9-5-17
  • 5- Laura Suarez of Cuba v Peru on 10-5-17
  • 5- Maricarmen Guerrero of Peru v Cuba on 10-5-17
  • 5- Brionne Butler of United States v Dominican Republic on 10-5-17
  • 5- Geraldine Gonzalez of Dominican Republic v United States on 10-5-17

Best Serving Performances

  • 5- Elizabeth Vicet of Cuba v Chile on 8-5-17
  • 5- Kris Justiniano of Puerto Rico v Uruguay on 9-5-17
  • 4- Diaris Perez of Cuba v Chile on 8-5-17
  • 4- Mikaella Brendel of Chile v Costa Rica on 11-5-17

Best Team Blocking Performances

  • 14- United States v Dominican Republic on 10-5-17
  • 14- Dominican Republic v Chile on 12-5-17
  • 13- Cuba v Peru on 10-5-17 13- Cuba v United States on 12-5-17
  • 13- United States v Argentina on 13-5-17

Best Team Serving Performances

  • 11- Cuba v Chile on 8-5-17
  • 10- Peru v Chile on 9-5-17

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