Anton Karpukhov Named Russian Red Cross’ “I’m Your Donor” Ambassador

  0 Steven Myers | September 27th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, Russian League

Russian volleyball player Anton Karpukhov will be the face of the Russian Red Cross’ “I’m Your Donor” campaign in the Kemerovo region along with skier Alexander Bessmertnykh and football (soccer) player Vitaly Razdayev.

Karpukhov, outside hitter for Kuzbass Volley, is supporting the “I’m Your Donor” campaign goal of encouraging people living in the region to donate blood.

One of Karpukhov’s responsibilities as an ambassador of the campaign is to visit with the public and encourage blood donation. Recently he went on a personal visit to the Kemerovo Regional Blood Center where he and another Russian volleyball player donated blood alongside Kuzbass Volley sport director Sergi Lomako.

“I believe that we, athletes, should be among the first to donate blood to save the lives of others,” Karpukhov said. “We appeal to all, and especially the many thousands of fans of volleyball, and of sport in general, to follow our example. I’m glad that now I can proudly say to someone, ‘hello, I’m your donor! Live and be happy’,”

Karphukhov and the rest of the Kuzbass Volley squad will be returning to action in the 2018-19 version of the Russian Cup on October 2nd where they’re undefeated in group four after four matches thus far. Last season the team finished second overall.

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