Brazil Plans To Host Final Phase Of World League In Soccer Stadium

  0 Steven Myers | January 17th, 2017 | FIVB Majors Series, International Volleyball, News

The soccer stadium, Arena da Baixada, built specifically for the 2014 World Cup of Soccer, will possibly be hosting the final stage of the 2017 World League for volleyball.

Although the agreement for the stadium to host the event hasn’t been completely settled yet according to, the Brazilian news site stated that it will be the site for the final phase of the World League if Brazil gets the bid.

Brazil also isn’t the only country that will be featuring games in a soccer stadium. Poland will be hosting the Men’s European Volleyball Championships this year, and the opening match will be in the National Stadium in Warsaw that’s predominately used for soccer.

Brazil will host the Group 1 Finals from June 28 to July 2.

Being the host country, the Brazilians are guaranteed to be one of the six finalists that will compete.

Their first world league match will begin on June 2 where Brazil is in Group 1 of the three-tiered group system and pool ‘A’ with Italy, Iran, and Poland. pool ‘B’ will feature Serbia, USA, Canada and Belgium. Pool ‘C’ is made up of Russia, Bulgaria, France, and Argentina.

Brazil will face off against the Canadians, Bulgarians, and Poland again in week two. In the next qualifying phase they’ll be up against Argentina, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Regardless of their playing however, they’re guaranteed a spot int he final.

Brazil has nine total titles in the World League, the most out of any other country. They’ve been on a seven-year hiatus thus far, not winning a championship since 2010. In 2016 they were the runner-ups to Serbia who has quickly established themselves as one of the most dominant forces in Volleyball.




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