Brazil’s Sesi/Bauru Signs 6’7” Italian Opp Valentina Diouf

  0 Liam Smith | June 01st, 2018 | News

Sesi/Bauru made it clear it wants to be a formidable foe in next year’s Superliga. The first step to guarantee its success was to extend the contract of Tifanny Abreu, the Superliga’s first trans athlete, for at least one more season, which it did. However, with Tifanny’s sudden move to politics, the team knows there is a big chance she’ll leave the club if she is indeed elected for state congress in the next few months. With this mind, Bauru took to the international market to bring in Italian import Valentina Diouf, just in case.

The 25-year-old 6’7″ giant will experience her first stint abroad, having played in Italy for her whole life up until now. In the past few year, she was featured in prominent roles for teams like Bergamo, Modena, and Busto Arsizio, which she led to this past season’s final 4. She has also enjoyed stints with the Italian national team was well, but hasn’t quite lived up to her youth success yet.

She took to her personal Instagram page to say goodbye to Busto Arsizio and announce her move to Brazil:

I want to recognize my affection for UYBA, which has always been very important to me as my second home. All the people I met here, from management to teammates, has taught me something. Now a new adventure awaits me […] We are enjoying a break from volleyball, but I have to share the news with a big smile in my face that I am transferring to Sesi/Bauru. I can’t wait to meet the team’s fans and my new teammates. I want to thank the club for believing in me and having welcomed me to such a fantastic project. I am anxious. See you soon Bauru!

BENVENUTA, VALENTINA! O Sesi Vôlei Bauru acertou, nesta quarta-feira, a contratação da oposta italiana Valentina Diouf, que estava no Busto Arsizio e tem passagens de destaque pela seleção italiana. Ela se apresenta em agosto para reforçar nosso time na temporada 2018-2019 e até já mandou um recado pra torcida! Confiram! #SesiVôleiBauru #VaiSesiVôleiBauru #GoSesi #ValentinaDiouf @durbansmile

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In addition to Diouf, Bauru has also signed 5 Brazilian national teamers: Fabiola Josefa, Naiane Rios, Edinara Brancher, Saraelen Lima, and Tassia Silva.

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