CBV Accused Of Illegally Selling Sponsor’s Sporting Materials

  0 Liam Smith | March 22nd, 2018 | Brazilian League, Brazilian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, South American Volleyball

It seems like everyday we post articles regarding corruption allegation within the Brazilian volleyball federation (CBV). To continue with what looks like to be a tradition already, today will be no different. CBV’s president Walter Laranjeiras, only weeks after being accused of using airline tickets from the federation’s airline sponsor, is now being accused from one of his subordinates of having illegal sold sporting material given to the federation by one of its previous sponsors for personal profit. The accusations was made public by famous Brazilian volleyball blogger Bruno Voloch.

According to the allegations, as CBV transitioned from an Olympikus to Asics sponsorship, about 20,000 sporting items were left on the institution’s stock. The items were then sold during the year of 2016 for about 300,000 USD profit. Even Mikasa balls were sold, according to reports. Even worse, allegations have it that all material was sold without an invoice, as to facilitate accounting fraud.

Olympikus, whose sponsorship contract with CBV ended in 2016, published an official note on the matter:

Our contract with the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV), which ended in 2016, provided for the supply of athletic materials for the exclusive use of athletes and members of technical commissions and departments of the entity. All deliveries were made in accordance with the list of items and quantities provided in contract and approved by the parties. It has always been the responsibility of CBV to keep and use these materials upon receipt. For the sake of sport, we hope the matter will be clarified by the competent authorities.

The institution will face a lot of fallout from clubs if it is not able to defend itself from these recent accusations.

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