“Our Dream Of Fighting For The Title Is Gone Now” – BB’s Emilia Mucha

  0 Liam Smith | March 22nd, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Polish League, Pro Indoor

Before the Polish female league 2017-18 season started, Poland’s Bielsko-Biała was thought to have a competitive team that could make it to the competition’s semifinals and fight for medals. Reality turned out to be otherwise, as the team now sits in 8th place with a 9-13 record. Things only got worse this week, after the team lost 3-0 to Proxima Krakow, and as a consequence, was overtaken by the team on the standings. Biala’s Emilia Mucha is resigned to the fact the the dreams of a playoff run were shattered after this defeat (Siatka.org):

“There is nothing we can say. We were weaker in every element of the game. We had difficulty setting ourselves up in defense. They defended a lot, and as you know, such a game is decided by a team effort. On the offensive end, even if there was a single block or an empty net, we could not finish the attack. In situations like this you can not blame anyone. You have to look at yourself, because each of us played poorly and each element influenced in the fact that we lost.

We had dreams of fighting for the title, but they are gone now. I think, however, that there is still something to fight for, and that something is 5-6 place. Although we are now falling to the eighth spot, we will try to fight for these middle positions.”

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