Duda’s First Purchase With WT $150k Check? Chocolate She Can’t Yet Eat

  0 Liam Smith | August 21st, 2018 | Beach, FIVB World Tour, News, Pro Beach

Eduarda ‘Duda’ Santos Lisboa is a volleyball phenom. After finishing second in last year’s World Tour Finals, she recently grabbed the competition’s golden crown and the No. 1 world ranking alongside teammate Agatha Bednarczuk. Now at only 20 years old, she holds the distinction of being the youngest beach player to ever receive FIVB’s $150,000 USD WT paycheck and youngest winner of the tournament overall. And what was the first thing she did with her winnings? Buy chocolate, of course. But here is the kicker: due to a promisse to her teammate, she is not allowed to eat it until December:

“It’s been almost a year since I’ve eaten chocolate. Agatha and I made a promise to not eat any, or any other candy, until the year’s last competition. And I love chocolate, I really love it. I’m very happy though, winning is the best reward.”

Unorthodox or not, Agatha’s mentor-ship of the young star seems to be working very well:

“It is a great feeling to finally win the top spot on the Hamburg podium. Duda is an amazing partner and she is so young. The win today caps a very good season for us as we prepare for the future. We won the entire season. This is incredible, exciting. We are evolving very close together. I am very fierce and protective. I want to be at her side and make her shine more and more.”

Ágatha and Duda return to compete for the Brazilian Circuit of Beach Volleyball. The first leg of the season is scheduled for September 11 in Palmas, Tocantins.

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É ourooooooooooooo. 🥇 Muito feliz por tudo isso ❤️ só tenho a agradecer a todos os envolvidos nessa caminhada. Só felicidade, só felicidade. ❤️❤️❤️ Obrigada Parceira, por tudo❤️ Obrigada Comissão. Valeu galera pela grande torcida 😘😘😘 foi lindo. #stepbystep👣 #redbull #tedaasas #oakleybr #thaluesportes #polarbrasil #optimiunnutrition #cde #exercitobrasileiro #zinzane #prefeituradesaocristovao #timenissan #timeagathaeduda #timepetrobras #uvlinefazbem #urbnsol #esporterj #claro #embratel #thaluesporte #timeagathaeduda @timeagathaeduda #stepbystep

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