Five New USA Women’s Beach Pairings Emerge Following Fort Lauderdale

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Over the past month, a number of USA Beach Volleyball pairings have announced the end of their partnerships which has sparked a trickle-down effect on the layout of USA Beach duos.

Since the Fort Lauderdale Major event a month ago, just one American duo has remained untouched after competing at the tournament – April Ross/Alix Klineman. The duo began their partnership in November 2017 following Ross’ season with Lauren Fendrick. Another pairing that hasn’t changed is Kerri Walsh Jennings/Nicole Branagh, who has not competed in a competition together since Walsh Jennings dislocated her right shoulder at the 2017 FIVB World Tour event in Olsztyn, Poland.

See the how the new teams look:

Sara Hughes/Summer Ross

Hughes broke up the most successful collegiate pairing when she decided to team up with Ross, leaving long-time partner Claes. While Ross left Brooke Sweat following their bronze medal performance at the Fort Lauderdale Major. This was the pairing that really set off the massive partner upheaval.

Partner history

Player Partner(s) Years Together
# of Competitions Played
Sara Hughes Kelly Claes 2013-18 28
Summer Ross Jane Croson 2008-10 8
Tara Roenicke 2010-12 5
Emily Day 2013-14 30
Lane Carico 2015-16 29
Jennifer Fopma 2015 6
Brooke Sweat 2017-18 16

Kelly Claes/Brittany Hochevar

Claes took to find her new partner in an experienced 36-year-old Hochevar, who has been on the World Tour circuit for 11 seasons. Hochevar’s previous partner, Day, saw good results domestically on the AVP Tour but failed to replicate the results internationally.

Partner history

Player Partner(s) Years Together
# of Competitions Played
Kelly Claes Sara Hughes 2013-18 28
Brittany Hochevar Lauren Fendrick 2007 & 2013 23
Keao Burdine 2007-08 11
Jennifer Fopma 2008-09, 2011 & 2015-16 41
Dianne DeNecochea 2010 8
Lisa Fitzgerald 2011 11
Angie Akers 2012 15
Ali McColloch 2014 5
Lane Carico 2014 6
Heather McGuire 2015 9
Emily Day 2017-18 25

Lauren Fendrick/Brooke Sweat

Fendrick/Sweat went the easy route when choosing their new partners, reigniting their partnership that lasted from 2014-16. The two competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics and have decided to make another Olympic run together.

Partner history

Player Partner(s) Years Together
# of Competitions played
Lauren Fendrick Nicole Branagh 2004 & 2013 8
Pat Keller 2006 6
Brittany Hochevar 2007 & 2013 23
Paula Roca 2007-08 14
Ashley Ivy Swift 2008-10 37
Brooke Niles 2010-12 40
Brooke Sweat 2014-16 41
Lane Carico 2017-18 4
Brooke Sweat Kristy Hartley 2007-08 6
Morgan Flarity 2009 7
Kristen Batt-Rohr 2009-11 24
Jennifer Fopma 2012-13 33
Lauren Fendrick 2014-16 41
Summer Ross 2016-18 16

Kelley Larsen/Emily Stockman

The combination of Larsen/Stockman arose when long-time partners Larsen/Betsi Flint failed to advance to the main draw of the Fort Lauderdale Major. Now, Larsen has teamed up with Stockman who left Kim Di Cello who was her partner in 2017, with the pair winning the one-star World Tour event in Malaysia.

Partner history

Player Partner(s) Years Together
# of Competitions Played
Kelley Larsen Betsi Flint 2014-18 38
Emily Stockman Leah Hinkey 2011-13 10
Traci Weamer 2014 5
Ali McColloch 2014-15 13
Amanda Dowdy 2016 8
Kim DiCello 2017-18 18

Emily Day/Betsi Flint

Day moves onto her 13th career partner by teaming up with Flint. Throughout her career, Day has won a number of competitions, mainly AVP Tour events with Brittany Hochevar, Day’s most recent partner. Flint, leaves Larsen with whom she spent the majority of her career outside of partnering with a number of players one time at various events.

Partner history

Player Partner(s) Years Together
# of Competitions Played
Emily Day Heather McGuire 2007 & 2010-12 34
Angela Bryan 2009-10 7
Claire D’Amore 2009 5
Summer Ross 2013-14 30
Jennifer Kessy 2015-16 30
Brittany Hochevar 2016-18 25
Betsi Flint Kelley Larsen 2014-18 38

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