Gamova Wants Her Character To Be In A Possible Coach Karpol Movie

  0 Liam Smith | April 27th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor, Russian League

Volleyball legend and one of his most prized pupils, Ekaterina Gamova congratulated her former coach Nikolay Karpol on being awarded by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin the prestigious title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation. Maybe influenced by “The Miracle Season”, she went so far as suggesting that a movie should be made in honor of the Russian coach, whose history can sometimes be confused for that of Russian volleyball history itself. Of course, being Gamova, she couldn’t help but to state that she deserved a role in the movie as well (

“I’m very happy. I am pleased Karpol’s life work is valued at such a high level. It’s great! It is the perfect time to make a movie about volleyball. Who would play Karpol and me? This is a difficult question. I never thought about it, I do not know what to answer. But, I think that there are a lot of worthy actors to choose from here in Russia.”

Gamova is a star on her own right, having won two gold World Championship medals with Russia’s national team, so perhaps having her in the movie wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea. However, who would play the 6’8″ giant opposite hitter with a mean face?

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Владимир Путин: Удивительных, неординарных людей у нас действительно много. И имя Николая Васильевича Карполя наверняка известно даже людям, весьма далеким от спорта. Самый титулованный волейбольный тренер мира, самый титулованный тренер России в игровых видах спорта. Николай Васильевич подарил яркие, незабываемые эмоции уже не одному поколению болельщиков – он олицетворяет саму победу, внушает уверенность в нее и поклонникам волейбола и, что самое главное, своим подопечным. Николай Васильевич воспитал немало чемпионов. Своей энергией, характером, своим словом он умеет создать настоящую команду, сплотить людей для достижения общей цели, а это и есть ключ к успеху! Мы гордимся! #НиколайКарполь #NikolayKarpol #УралочкаНТМК #Волейбол

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