I Was Arrogant In The Past, I Didn’t Listen To My Players – Abbondanza

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Polish club Chemik Police surprised the volleyball world when it recently announced Italian hotshot Marcello Abbondanza as its new head coach through the end of the season, with extension options in the future. It was surprising move by a team that plays in a very small market when compared to places where Abbondanza has coached before. Marcello, who is also the head coach of the Canadian Women’s national team, is very experienced, having coached among other super teams, Italy’s Casalmaggiore and Pesaro, Turky’s Fenerbahce, and Azerbaijan’s Rabita Baku.


But what kind of coaching can the fans at Chemik Police expect from Marcello? To help answer this question, the team’s official website did an interview with the recently signed coach:

What kind of trainer was Mr. Abbondanza in the past and what is he like today?
Completely different. I was definitely more arrogant, I closed myself to people, I did not listen much, I talked a lot.

Arrogant towards the players?
Yes, in many cases. I did not try to understand them, I just imposed my opinion.

What is the most irritating thing to a coach?
When someone puts themselves over over the team. I hate it and I can not accept it. The team is always the most important thing. Everyone can have personal aspirations and goals. Nobody can be forbidden to have this. However, as soon as you enter the dance floor, you put it aside. What counts are you and your teammates. You have to be on the same level.

There is a thesis that the trainer must be 70% a psychologist, and 30% a specialist in volleyball. Will this be the case in Chemik Police?
Chemik is a professional team, in which of course you need to improve technique and tactics during each training session. However, many of these girls already know a lot, so here the psychic sphere is equally important. With an appropriate approach, self-awareness, and motivation, you can achieve a solid level of play. But why not go a step further and enter a great level? Some girls have a problem with directness, that’s a fact. I am honest every minute of my work. If I have to say something, I will say it. Honesty is the key to communication, and successes are built on it. If I’m honest with these girls, it’s likely that they will be honest with me. Relationships with women are always a challenge. Sometimes you know a woman for 20 years and she still can surprise you. That’s why I value my profession so much, and work is fun for me, not an obligation.

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