Italian NTers Miriam Sylla And Anna Danesi Sign With A1 Champs Imoco

  0 Liam Smith | June 05th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor, Women's Transfers

Current Italian Champs Imoco Conegliano has recently announced in its official web-page the signing of one of Italy’ most promising young players, the 23-year-old Miriam Sylla, transferring out of Volley Bergamo. Besides spending her last 5 seasons with her former team, Sylla has also been a constant fixture in Italy’s national team for the last couple of years. Here is her reaction:

“I am very happy to wear a prestigious shirt like Imoco’s, which in recent years has always been a reference team due to its organization, ambitions, the many champions that played in it, and for the public and the atmosphere at the Palaverde. I confess that leaving Bergamo after five years was not easy, I will always be very close to Foppapedretti, I leave a club that I loved and where I found myself very well, with many fans who loved me. But it was time to accept a challenge as beautiful and stimulating as this one. I am motivated to test myself and see how much I can do in a team like that of the Panthers. It will be a great opportunity to improve myself and to grow again. I am 23 years old and the margins for growth are still wide, a technical staff like that of Imoco and training every day with great athletes will increase my technical and personal baggage. I spoke with coach Santarelli and was he very nice to me, explaining how he works and welcoming me. It will be a long and busy season and I will work hard to carve out my space and be available to the needs of the team and the coach.”

In addition to Sylla, Imoco extended the contract of another Italian national teamer, middle blocker Anna Danesi, who will undergo her third season with the club. She was an instrumental part of the team in last season’s title run, replacing injured players Robin De Kruijf and Raphaela Folie masterfully. Here is her reaction:

“I’m really happy to be able to play again for Imoco Volley. This will be my third year with the team. I arrived here very young and for me it was a great incentive to start my professional career in a club of this level. Every year I learn new things and improve myself both as an athlete and as a person. Imoco Volley is currently the best team in Italy and with it I won my first club trophies, an immense joy, and in the future I hope to win a lot more with the Panthers! The team that is emerging with so many confirmations and some news will surely be competitive on all fronts and will give great satisfaction to our exceptional fans, it will be nice to be part of it.”

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