Ligue A Look-In #6: Will We See Montpellier UC on the Podium?

  0 Bill Stadick | October 07th, 2017 | French League, News, Pro Indoor

Note: To spread excitement for one of the top professional men’s leagues in the world, VolleyMob will profile each of the 12 teams competing in French Ligue A during the 2017-2018 season. 



After finishing with a 14-8 record and one point behind Chaumont 52 in the 2016-2017 table, Montpellier UC is poised to build on a promising regular season that ended with a Ligue A playoff loss to Nice in three closely contested sets (23-25, 24-26, 20-25). For his efforts in putting together such a viable contender, head coach Olivier Lecat was named 2016-2017 Ligue A coach of the year.

Players to Watch

Setter Davide Saiita, who will again dish out assists for the side from the south of France, will continue to rely on 6-9 (207 cm) opposite Jean Patry, who competed for France in 2017 World League play. Montpellier also brings in two transfers from Ligue A rival Paris Volley, middle Kevin Kaba and receiver/attacker Thiago Sens. Montpellier’s youth movement includes middle Damien Barry, who won’t celebrate his 20th birthday until December.

Players Arriving

  • Andri Aganits from Stade Poitevin Poitiers in French Ligue A
  • Kévin Kaba from Paris Volley in French Ligue A
  • Thiago Sens from Paris Volley in French Ligue A

Players Leaving

  • Julien Lavagne to Paris Volley in French Ligue A
  • Thomas Koelewijn to Stade Poitevin Poitiers in French Ligue A
  • André Radtke to Narbonne Volley in French Ligue A

3 Must-See Matches

  • Montpellier UC v. Sète (Oct. 14, 2017) Home opener against neighboring south-of-France rivals from just 30 km away.
  • Montpellier UC v. Spacer’s Toulouse (Oct. 25, 2017) How will Montpellier stack up against the side that reached last season’s Ligue A finals?
  • Montpellier UC v. Chaumont 52 (Jan. 20, 2018) Big home match against last season’s champions.

2017-2018 ROSTER

* Indicates new roster addition

  • Rei Bassereau, receiver/attacker
  • Gustavo Delgado, receiver/attacker
  • Julien Lecat, receiver/attacker
  • Andrii Diachkov, receiver/attacker
  • Joachim Panou, receiver/attacker
  • Leo Chevalier, receiver/attacker
  • Thiago Sens, receiver/attacker
  • Jean Patry, opposite
  • Damien Barry, middle
  • Kevin Kaba, middle
  • Jean Labot, middle
  • Daryl Bultor, middle
  • Andri Ananits, middle
  • Clement Diverchy, setter
  • Hugo Caporiondo, setter
  • Davide Saiita, setter
  • Ludovic Due, libero
  • Nadir Douib, libero


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