Mayor Of LA Claims Bid Has Full Support Of Donald Trump For LA2024

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Courtesy and written by Reid Carlson

It’s hard to say which is more controversial: a federal law that might discriminate against certain groups unfairly, or non-compliance with a federal law that some have deemed unconstitutional even though it was drafted by democratically-elected officials.  There are quite a few arguments that could be made for either side, but the point is, President Donald Trump‘s stance on immigration and his efforts to stop the entry of both undocumented immigrants and refugees from war-torn areas has struck a cord with many.

Los Angeles, which has branded itself as an accepting and inclusive city–particularly as bidding for the right to host the 2024 Olympic Games has intensified–is one of a handful of “sanctuary cities” that has defied federal orders to provide information to federal agents about members of its incarcerated population that do not have documents definitively proving they are US citizens. Additionally, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has partnered with a coalition of mayors from across the country to defy the president’s orders and continue to be inclusive and accepting of all people.  Though the Trump administration has threatened to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities, Garcetti claims President Trump fully supports LA’s 2024 Olympic bid.

In addition to President Trump’s support, the LA2024 boasts an 88% approval ratings among its own citizens.  By contrast, Budapest, which withdrew its bid to host the 2024 Games some months ago, was petitioned by concerned citizens that did not want to see major spending on Olympic venues.

As LA hopes to reinvigorate the Olympic brand by hosting 2024, so too does Garcetti hope that by hosting the Games the United States does not become more insular.  Though at the same time, Garcetti has claimed that LA2024 “has the support of the President” and that the Trump endorsement is separate from other political matters where they may disagree.  Additionally, hosting the Olympics represents and opportunity for the country to come together and be unified.

Though athletes and historians alike fear Trump’s policies will harm LA’s chances of winning the bid for 2024, Trump claims the IOC is very happy LA2024 has his support.  In spite of their differing policies on immigration and asylum for refugees from 7 majority-Muslim countries, Garcetti and Trump both want the IOC to vote LA.

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