Modena Confirms It Will Take Disciplinary Action Against Ngapeth

  0 Liam Smith | December 26th, 2017 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, Italian League, News, Pro Indoor

VolleyMob published on 12/25 rumors stating that Modena’s Ngapeth brothers (Swan and Earvin Ngapeth) had had a huge falling out with coach Radostin Stoytchev. Now, these rumors have risen to actual news status, as Modena published an official note in its website confirming that the feud indeed happened, and that it intends to take some kind of disciplinary action against the brothers. Here is a translation of the official release:

Regarding what appeared in recent days in the media, Modena Volley points out that the athletes Earvin and Swan Ngapeth freely, and knowing the technical and sports projects of the club, renewed their contracts until 2020 with the the team.

Earlier on Friday, players Earvin and Swan Ngapeth abruptly faced off against – in a moment of confrontation – coach Radostin Stoytchev, demonstrating to him, and subsequently to team management, the intention not to continue their relationship with the club. They followed this decision by being absent from training on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday.

All this came at the conclusion of a troubled week where Earvin Ngapeth had already returned late to the team (Wednesday) on the two-day permit granted by the coach after the success at Perugia.

Modena is assessing what measures to take against the two members, who are to date, to all intents and purposes, bound to Modena Volley.

The club, wishing happy holidays to its supporters, intends to reassure them: it will protect all its rights in every aspect respecting our great popular passion.

Today, both brothers did not dress up to Modena‘s game against Padova, a 3-1 loss. Here is what Modena‘s coach Stoytchev, and Modena‘s general manager  Andrea Sartoretti had to say after the match:

Today showed that we are lacking training, and lacking Earvin. The team was badly organized. We played badly and I recognize it. In the first set we had 6% efficiency at counter attacking, and at the second set we had 9% efficiency. When you play like that you can not win. Now I have to re-analyze the game – Stoytchev

I believe that Ngapeth’s situation is not a simple one to manage, but fueling the controversy does not lead anywhere and we are working to fix the situation. Padova? They played a great game. – Andrea Sartoretti

This was Modena‘s only third loss of the season, as it now sits in 3rd place of Serie A1’s standings with a 10-3 record. It is worth remembering that Ngapeth is signed to Modena through 2020, and star setter Bruno, a good friend of him, has recently said in an interview that he intends to play with the team for a long time. The duo is one of the best 1-2 punches in the world. Stoytchev, in the other hand, is also signed through 2020, and is one of the sports most successful coaches at the club level. If the team has to decide on one or the other, it will have a very hard decision at its hands.

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