Modena’s Marco Fenoglio Announced As HC Of Slovakia’s Women’s NT

  0 Liam Smith | February 28th, 2018 | European volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Pro Indoor

The Slovak Volleyball Federation has officially announced Italian-born Marco Fenoglio as the head coach of their women’s national team, according to CEV’s website. Fenoglio signed a two year contract. The news came just as Slovakia was announced as Czech Republic’s replacement as one of the hosts of the 2019 edition CEV Women’s EuroVolley, thus guaranteeing its national team a spot on the competition.

Fenoglio, who currently coaches Italy’s Nordmeccanica Modena, is no stranger to Slovakian volleyball, as he assisted Emanuele Zanini during Zanini’s successful tenure with the Slovak men’s national team from 2009 to 2011. Fenoglio’s resume is extensive, as he has led two Italian teams to A1 titles, Bergamo in 2006-07, with which he also won that season’s Champions League title, and Novara in 2016-17. He won Italy’s coach of the year award in both occasions.

Here is what the President of the Slovak Volleyball Federation, Martin Kraščenič, had to say of his hiring:

“His name goes along with success. We know that he needs time to know the team and after that we will set our goals.”

Fenoglio was likewise very excited:

“When my manager told me about the interest from the Slovak Volleyball Federation I said yes immediately. It took me one second to take my decision. The reason is that I know the people from the Slovak Volleyball Federation very well and I still have many friends here. I have great memories from the time we spent with the men’s national team and I will try to do my best also with the women.

My approach is to fight and never give up. I do not want to participate, I always want to win. I will try to make sure that my players share this same approach. I have coached men’s and women’s teams, and it is a completely different sport, only the name Volleyball stays the same. I try to train women the same way I work with men. It is not easy, but I try to. With this type of approach, I have had good results this far.”

The Slovakian female national team currently ranks 35th in FIVB’s senior rankings.

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