Results From 1st Day Of Beach Volleyball At The Mediterranean Games

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Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games is underway in Tarragona, Spain, with the beach volleyball tournament having just played its first games today. Algeria, Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy, Kosovo, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey will have competitors in both genders, while Croatia, Egypt, Lybia, and Monaca will only compete in the men’s tournament. Here are the results from Day 1:

Men’s Tournament

Rossi/Caminati (Italy) 2×0 Berisha/Mustafa (Kosovo)
Aye/Krou (France) 2×0 El Graqui/Farabi (Morocco)
Garcia/Mesa (Spain) 2×0 Tizit/Hamadache (Algeria)
Guthier/Thiercy (France) 2×0 Apostolou/Knezevic (Cyprus)
Huerta/Huerta (Spain) 2×0 Boussaid/Souadi (Algeria)
Kolaric/Basta (Serbia) 2×0 Abosaud/Elhoush (Lybia)
Giginoglu/Gogtepe (Tunisia) 2×0 Ferry/Ferry (Monaco)
Silva/Reis (Portugal) 2×0 Berisha/Mustafa (Kosovo)
Bozenk/Pokersnik (Slovenia) 2×0 Tizit/Hamadache (Algeria)
Farag/Fayed (Egypt) 2×0 El Graoui/Farabi (Morocco)
Huerta/Huerta (Spain) 2×0 Ferry/Ferry (Monaco)
Pribanic/Jercic (Croatia) 2×1 Apostolou/Knezevic (Cyprus)
Mermer/Urlu (Turkey) 2×0 Abosaud/Elhoush (Lybia)
Giginoglu/Gogtepe (Turkey) 2×0 Boussaid/Souadi (Algeria)

Women’s Tournament

Puccineli/Gradini (Italy) 2×0 Bounser/Mehani (Algeria)
Fernandez/Lobato (Spain) 2×0 Yurtsever/Oszoy (Turkey)
Carro/Soria (Spain) 2×0 Raicevic/Savovic (Serbia)
Placette/Richa (France) 2×1 Coelho/Paquette (Portugal)
Chamereau/Jupiter (France) 2×0 Zeroual/Siad (Morocco)
Vence/Nezir 2×0 (Turkey) 2×0 Jashari/Ramadani (Kosovo)
Jancar/Kotnik (Slovenia) 2×0 Bayou/Berkioune (Algeria)
Traballi/Zuccarelli (Italy) 2×0 Konstantinou Angelopoupos (Cyprus)
Puccineli/Gradini (Italy) 2×0 Yurtsver/Ozsoy (Turkey)
Fernandez/Lobato (Spain) 2×0 Bounser/Mehani (Algeria)
Placete/Richa (France) 2×1 Raicevic/Savovic (Serbia)
Carro/Soria (Spain) 2×0 Coelho/Paquete (Portugal)
Jancar/Kotnik (Slovenia) 2×0 Konstantinou/Angelapoupos (Greece)
Traballi/Zuccarelli (Italy) 2×0 Bayou/Berkioune (Algeria)
Vence/Nezir (Turkey) 2×1 Zeroual/Siad (Morocco)
Chamereau/Jupiter (France) 2×0 Jashari/Ramadani (Kosovo)

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