Tall Filipino Teen Recruited By FEU After Appearing On TV Game-Show

  0 Liam Smith | October 22nd, 2018 | Asian Volleyball, International Volleyball, News, Philippines Volleyball

A Filipino teen’s life has been changed suddenly after she appeared on a television game-show in her country. Attention was drawn to Jennilyn Villar due to the fact that she stands at 6’1″ while only 15 years old. For comparison’s sake, the average adult female height at the Philippines is only 4’11”. It’s easy to see then why it was only a matter of days until volleyball coaches started to recruit her for their teams.

Far Eastern University head coach George Pascua and his assistant coach Rey Diaz beat their opponents and offered Villar a high school athletic scholarship. She accepted and will now be making her move to Manila . She spoke to Spin.ph about getting a chance to play volleyball for one of the country’s top schools:

“The FEU coaches came to my house and talked about how they teach volleyball and how my living needs would be met if I accepted to join the team.  Actually, my dream school was really FEU because it is a good team and I feel that they will be able to focus on teaching me the game. I haven’t really been playing volleyball full time, as I have been focusing more on my academics lately. I mostly play on the street, with my cousins, or at school during PE.

I know myself, and how much effort I can put in this goal. Of course, one first needs to be bad, before one can become good. I’m going to train a lot to become a good player. I’m ready. It is difficult because it is far from my family but it is necessary, for me too. I also need to learn to be alone because I can’t be with my parents all the time.”

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