Video: From Best Car to Worst Dressed, Former Teammates Break It Down

  0 Bill Stadick | October 15th, 2017 | French League, German League, Men's Transfers, News, Pro Indoor

As French and German pro leagues prepare to kick off their respective seasons, VolleyMob decided to revisit a video featuring two players from last season’s Berlin Recycling Volleys roster: current opposite Paul Carroll, and former opposite Wouter Ter Maat, who transferred to Paris Volley after last season. The two reveal who spends an extra half hour in the locker room after a match to get his hair just right and who has the best car—mostly because he can’t fit his 7-0 (213 cm) frame into a Smart Car like the rest of his teammates. Full disclosure: We haven’t been able to identify the player with the “best headphones” so let us know if you can.

Players Referenced 

  • Aleksandar Okolic, current BR Volleys middle blocker with “best hair” but “worst dressed”
  • Robert Kromm, current BR Volleys receiver/attacker with the “best car”
  • Felix Fischer, longtime BR Volleys blocker who’s not currently on the roster, but might still have the “best dance moves”
  • Graham Vigrass, BR Volleys middle “who eats the most”
  • Luke Perry, current BR Volleys libero who came up one plate of pasta short for “who eats the most”
  • Paul Carroll, current BR Volleys opposite with plenty of opinions on last season’s teammates
  • Wouter Ter Maat, current Paris Volleys opposite with plenty of opinions on last season’s teammates



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